We Are Featured in Station F News

Read about the interview by Station F of 1Krowd’s Founder, Melvin Wong and how we strive to make the ticketing world a better place for you and for me! Also, learn the seven important entrepreneurship skills that he discovered when he sold two of his startups during his 14-year journey of being a startup entrepreneur.


1Krowd - Station F Founders Program Participant 2019


Station F is the world’s largest startup hub, hosting over 1,000 startups from all over the globe under 30 startup programs. The newly-converted former railway depot also hosts the offices of 40 VC funds and four mentorship offices. It promotes a healthy and super-engaging startup community via two main channels – hal.stationf.com and its ultra-active Slack channel, stationf.slack.com. Workshops and events happen every week while meetings with investors are frequently held at the Share Zone.

Their core startup programs are Founders Program (which has a 6% acceptance rate) and Fighters Program. Due to Paris highly competitive and expensive housing cost, Station F decided to launch their very own apartment for startups called Flatmates. This accommodation has three building blocks and is 10 minutes away from Station F campus by bus or by bike. Walking would take you approximately 30 minutes. Their monthly rental fees are much more affordable compared to the average housing fees inside Paris thus helping startups to survive while striving for their first revenue or investment.

In spite of popular belief, the letter “F” in Station F does not stand for France. In fact, it is meant to pay tribute to the former name of the building which was called Halle Freyssinet. The entire building was acquired by a consortium led by French billionaire Xavier Niel and Deposits and Consignments Fund with the cost of EUR70 million with further renovation cost of EUR60 million.

Station F opened its doors to startup entrepreneurs in the middle of 2017.