Most frequent questions and answers.

We shall provide you a platform that could lock-in your tickets from being resold on other websites, thanks to blockchain technology. If you want to learn more, please contact us.

We prevent reselling by using one of the best personal identification assets that we have – our faces! But we don’t require you to invest in any expensive facial recognition hardware or software. Really! If you want to learn more, please contact us.

No, you don’t have to. Ticket buyers don’t have to know about blockchain to buy and use the tickets. They only need to know about QR codes. We always strive to make the user experience as friendly and intuitive as possible for everyone.

No. People can only use credit/debit card or PayPal to pay for tickets online or use cash at the box office. We are only using blockchain technology to power our tickets, not cryptocurrency. And yes, cryptocurrency and blockchain are actually separable.

Here are the whys.

  • To control the distribution of tickets. With blockchain, we can track and control the resale of each ticket.
  • To prevent fraud. Because blockchain makes it so easy to send tickets around the world on a blockchain network without having to physically deliver a paper ticket which can be counterfeited. Sending a ticket token on a blockchain is as fast and more secure than sending an email to your friend across the globe. No one could intercept the ticket in the blockchain, steal the ticket or change the data in the ticket token.  No one could even send you a fake ticket token because each token can be easily verified and identified on the blockchain by using any block explorer websites or apps.
  • To store digital tickets as memorabilia. Some of us like to keep ticket stubs as souvenirs from the events that we experienced. Instead of physically storing paper tickets or PDF copies, you could save these ticket tokens in the blockchain permanently forever (patent pending).

According to Billboard, 81% of people like to save their paper ticket stubs from the amazing events they attended as memorabilia. But nowadays, tickets are mostly issued in PDF format or in plain QR code on the smartphone. Worse is, some paper tickets are poor quality print-at-home tickets. Not cool! So, we thought that it would be cool to design a fancy digital ticket just for you and store it inside the blockchain forever. Best of all, these tickets are individually unique which means your ticket and your friend’s ticket are uniquely different.

We currently support the Ethereum blockchain. We plan to support other mainstream blockchain platforms in the future.

Yes we can. Our whitel label ticketing software is a 2-in-1 platform that could allow and disallow ticket reselling. You just need to inform us which feature you desire and we are able to provide the complete stand-alone ticketing software including hosting, management and maintenance.

No, we could provide you with a comprehensive API that extends your existing ticketing sofware capabilities to control ticket reselling via blockchain.  

The best way to put it is our fees are negotiable. We are looking for partners who are willing to give our blockchain ticketing platform a try. So, it can be as low as $0 (yes, for free!) without any convenient fees. But we could only offer this to very limited partners. 

We are based in the largest startup campus in the world called Station F in Paris. In fact, we are one of the 6% of startups that got selected for their Founders Program in July 2019.

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