20 Questions Ticketing Companies Should Ask When Considering Blockchain

Here are some frequently asked questions that event organizers, promoters or ticketing companies should ask their vendors when they are considering to adopt blockchain-based tickets.


  1. Could you explain what is blockchain in layman’s term?
  2. What’s the advantage of using blockchain with tickets?
  3. Do we need to buy any cryptocurrency for this blockchain ticketing system?
  4. Do our customers need to pay using cryptocurrency to buy blockchain tickets?
  5. What if my team doesn’t understand blockchain? How steep is the learning curve?
  6. Do my ticket buyers need to understand how to use blockchain tickets? Is it very different than conventional tickets?
  7. Must I throw away my current ticketing system and buy a new blockchain system?
  8. What about the ticket printout? Do we need to add any extra info on the ticket?
  9. What blockchain technology do you use? I heard there are a lot, so why you pick this one?
  10. What is a smart contract? And how do we use it with our tickets?
  11. How do we integrate this with our current box office ticketing system?
  12. Will it be slow to use a ticket on the blockchain? I heard blockchain is slow.
  13. I heard blockchain could help prevent ticket fraud? But how?
  14. Could your blockchain ticketing system stop people from reselling our tickets? If so, how?
  15. Could your blockchain ticketing system still support paper tickets?
  16. Do we need to hire a programmer to maintain our blockchain system? We don’t have budget for this.
  17. Could you show us a live demo of a blockchain ticketing system? We’re most eager to witness this revolutionary technology in action.
  18. How long does it take to start issuing blockchain tickets and start using them in our events? What is the lead time you need?
  19. Do you provide an on-site support team for your blockchain ticketing system? What if things so wrong?
  20. Last but not least, how much does it cost?


If you’d like to get detailed answers to all the FAQs above, please kindly contact us.

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